Websites have lost their touch and are substituted with applications!
A 2017 report by Mary Meeker points out that the hours of internet usage is increasing each year with numbers for using mobile phones getting bigger than laptop and desktops. This report claims that usage of laptops and desktops has not seen any changes from 2008 to 2017, on the other hand, more people are increasingly using mobile phones and applications and it is predicated that this number would be grow up to 40% by 2022.
It’s not so easy to make traffic for websites when everyone is so used to attend to their needs using their mobile phones.
The astonishing numbers of using applications by internet users

According to a survey done by comScore, only 13% of internet users use websites and 87% get their work done by using applications. This means that most internet users prefer to attend to their needs by using applications. So if you already have a business but haven’t set up an application for it, you might lose your users in the packed market.

Why should users use websites when they can easily order a taxi, plane or train ticket, reserve a hotel room, buy groceries or even bread and so on using their applications?
What advantages do applications have?

Instead of opening up a browser and type in your website address to contact you, the customers can easily reach you by a single click in the app.


A large part of marketing is spent on things like SEO, SMS, marketing emails and such; they all will be cut down dramatically since you now are competing in app stores in which, you can find lots of potential customers all without any costs for marketing.


You can notify all of your customers at once by sending them notifications and letting them know about new products and discounts; all without spending extra fee on SMS or emails.


Overall, if you have a business and are thinking about how to grow it, without having an application you will soon lose a huge advantage; the world of business is progressing rapidly and if you don’t jump on the wagon, you will stay behind!


You will be with the customers at all times, they can seek your support via their mobile phones and also ask for whatever services and products they want right from the comfort of their mobile phones.


You can even provide your services offline so the users do not need to be online when they use your app.

Your rivals will sweep away all your potential customers very soon.
3 methods to create an application
If you are the owner of a business you can tell your ideas about the application to an application programming company so that they design your app in a specific time. If you reach out to a professional company, you can be sure that your ideas will be made into an application in the best way possible. But since more than one programmer will be working on your app, you should consider a big budget. Also, the time that will be spent on creating a completely professional app will take up to two months to be done. The pros are: this company will create your project in the professional way; they will back you up with professional support whenever you had a problem so you do not need to worry much about the technical issues and you can focus your attention elsewhere.
The cons are that this project will be expensive and it will take a long time to be ready. The company has rights to the source of the application so should you decide to part ways with them in future, you will have difficulties working with another company. If for whatever reason you decide to cut ties with the company, you should basically forget about your app all in all because you will always be dependent on the programming company.

If you are capable of finding your way in coding and don’t plan on spending a fortune on an application programming company, then you can learn the application coding yourself. Of course this method is not recommended to everyone because you’d need lots of time to practice and also need to have a coding background at least. The only advantage is that you are the owner of your own code and therefore you don’t need to be dependent on other people for anything; also it won’t be as expensive but you do need to dedicate a lot of time for it.

If you have a website on WordPress you can easily and without that much cost, own your application very quickly. You just need to google “application maker” and lots of companies will show up which will do just that. These companies will use the existing frameworks to make the hybrid version of your website into an application and deliver it to you in minutes. Naturally, an application that is created in matter of minutes will not help your business that much. If you only aiming to have an application nonetheless, these application makers will be fitting for you because you can have your website transformed into application form in minutes and then you can share them in different stores; however, you should not expect much from this application.
But if your business is based on a professional idea and you want your application to help progressing that, then these application makers would not suffice. You will be able to conquer the market and double your income by choosing the best medium.

Pros: you will have your application up and running in a few minutes. You can make your website into a application without that much cost.

Cons: these applications are not very effective and have a poor performance. Most of the application makers only create the Android version of the application and will charge you in case you wanted to have the iOS version as well. You should not expect this application to have that many features These applications are in fact hybrids and will only show an output of your website. The applications made by the application makers are even more slower than native applications; they mostly use ready-to-use templates which you can’t edit therefore you cannot have specific design and graphics for your application. If later on, you wanted to add something new to it, you’ll probably be facing lots of problems.
So what is the solution?
By considering the pros and cons of every method, if you want to have the most effective, least disadvantageous and the best choice, you should select a method that includes these following options:

  • Makes the app in the shortest amount of time
  • has a reasonable and suitable price
  • has a special graphical template
  • is not dependent on a company or another person
  • will let you add features whenever you want to
  • is designed by native languages
  • is executable in both IOS and Android
  • has an acceptable speed
which method do we recommend?

If you have a business and do not have an application for it, you will lose your potential customers while they all are swept away by your competitors in the same market.
You will lose all your customers if you don’t have an application for your business because the customers always use the easiest ways to tend to their needs.
Also if you have a new idea in mind and you want to design an application for it you need to choose the platform that would be less troublesome in the future.
One of the most common problems that many employers have in the beginning of their business is spending lots of time and money for materializing their idea on web and mobile application. If they use the cheaper solutions, their idea might not be executed perfectly and therefore they will quit it altogether.

However, BashgahApp has designed and programmed a product that has solved all these problems and you can make your application in the best way possible at a very reasonable price.
One of the most important factors in having a good application is to not be dependent on the programmer or the design company and because of that, we design your idea using WordPress, so should you needed to transfer it to someone else, you could easily find the specialist; you can also learn to use this system in a matter of hours.

Do not worry about whether your idea could be programmed or not, because our programmers will develop every idea using WordPress and they will program a plug-in if it was needed.
If your website has already been created via WordPress, the process will go more smoothly and you can create your application by spending the lowest amount of money and time. Since back-ends and database of your application will be developed in WordPress, the process will save you a lot of money and time. With that, your application will be developed perfectly by a specialist programmer and it will cost less because most of the necessary tools are already available on WordPress.

Next is deciding whether your application should be hybrid or NATIVE which will be done by designing the front-ends of the application; that is, the information will be transferred from your website, back-end or database, to the application. You will have lots of problems and fewer features if you choose the hybrid versions; but NATIVE versions have none of these problems and you will have a very professional application.

We in BashgahAPP, develop the front-end of the application by using the NATIVE languages and your application will be released in both Android and iOS versions. Since it is programmed in native way, there will also be full graphical template which you can change and add to it whenever you wanted. Native applications are much quicker than hybrid ones so your customers will have an easy time working with your application.

Frequently asked questions

Applications for restaurants, hotels, motels, beauty salons, selling virtual files, education website, real estate etc.

Yes. If you want to have a demo of your application, fill out the form and within 24 hours, a demo version of your application will be sent to you. Since our applications are created in Native way and are not like the ready-to-use app makers out there, right after you send in your request, our special team will be exclusively working on your order. The designed application has a 30-day unconditional guarantee. This means, when you submit your order, you have 30 days to cancel it and you will be fully refunded. We suggest, instead of getting the demo version, order the 30-day trial version to test the application however you like and if it wasn’t responsive to your needs, the amount of your purchase will be returned in full.

No, you will enter your information in in your admin panel in WordPress and you won’t need any extra panels. All information will be synched between website and the application. All articles, videos, comments, customer orders and everything that is on the website will be synched to the application in less than a second.

One of the mottos of the framework we have designed is speed. We do all in our power to deliver your application in the shortest time possible. After submitting your order, you will receive the Android and iOS versions of your application in 48 hours. Note that this is for the websites that are already set up in WordPress.

After receiving the application, you have 30 days to test it and if it didn’t measure up to your needs, you will be fully refunded without any conditions. We have designed a guarantee card which is issued with your name and contains our commitment of a 30-day unconditional guarantee. We have the official Enamad and authorization from the Ministry of Culture and we do not want to stain our reputation. Therefore, you can be fully assured that this won’t harm you in any way. Once you make the request to use the guarantee and be refunded, the amount will be returned to you on the same day.

Since all operating systems of the mobile phones are constantly changing and updating, you would also need to update your application. BashgahAPP team will take care of the updates of your application for three years without any charge. Whenever a new version of the operating systems is released, your applications will also be updated by our team and will be sent to you. After three years, you can use the same support system by spending mere 300 thousands tomans each year.

Yes, all iOS and Android versions of your app will be added to the authentic application stores. After your confirmation, WordPress team will add your application to two iOS and two Android stores. Also, if you wanted to add your application in other stores, it will be done for free. With every update of the application, our team will also update the versions on the app stores.

Yes, whenever you want you can send a notification to all or some of the users using your admin panel on WordPress. Users will receive the notifications within seconds.

Yes, you can use yours or the ads of others in your application; these ads could be banners, text, etc. You can also use the codes of the advertising website in your own application and make profit.

No, this framework uses NATIVE languages and is not an application maker. Unlike other cheaper application makers in the market which only upload the website on your application, this framework will program every feature.

Unlike websites, there is no such thing as prepared templates in applications and all need to be programmed and developed. But to make things easier, we have made some default templates for different types of businesses which you can choose from; these templates will be customized according to your will. In other words, you can choose the overall theme from the premade templates but other details will be designed exclusively for you.

Just as we mentioned before, most features will be designed specifically for you but if you wanted to have a design which is completely exclusive, our team will make it happen though it will cost more time and money.

Since our services are online, there is no need for written contract. After submitting, you will receive a guarantee card which contains the 30-day unconditional refund and also a 3-year technical support free of charge. This card is more valuable than a contract.

The application that our team provides is made by native languages, is released in both iOS and Android with full features in one package without any extra fees. While the app maker applications create hybrid applications which not only is just an output of your website but also has lots of problems. For more information on the differences between native and hybrid applications, we suggest you read the article below.
A huge part of process of application making which takes lots of time and money is developing the database and its back-end. The application designers which program your application exclusively, will also design your database and back-ends which has no advantages for you; because it can all be done by using WordPress systems at a low price and in no time. These companies claim that WordPress does not have all the necessary features and this is why they design the whole application especially for you. However, all these features can be easily used and designed in WordPress and anything else you might need can be easily programmed in plug-ins.

WordPress has designed most of these basic features and there is absolutely no reason to redesign them all over again by ourselves.

Products of BashgahAPP use WordPress so you are able to access them and turn your ideas into reality at a reasonable price and in a short time.

As we have explained fully before, these application makers will only show an output of your website in the application. Therefore, you cannot have high expectation from them. These apps are hybrid and they have all sorts of problems; from having unfitting performance and slow speed to not providing different versions of the application for different devices and not having a specific graphical template. Additionally, these app makers create your application within minutes which also indicates how poorly they are made because they are created automatically and not by professional experts.

However, in BashgahAPP, the applications are created using native languages so the final result will not have all the problems mentioned above; you will also be able to peacefully progress your business and not worry about the problems of the application. Naturally, using native languages to develop the application will cost more but you will be guaranteed to have a professional application.

Application makers have no advantages for businesses. You will never find any successful application that was created by application makers. Some choose these application makers just to have an application without any advantages.
Work samples
Guarantee card

After receiving the application, you have 30 days to test it and if it didn’t measure up to your needs, you will be fully refunded without any conditions. We have designed a guarantee card which is issued with your name and contains our commitment of the 30-day unconditional guarantee. We have official Enamad and authorization from the Ministry of Culture and we do not want to stain our reputation. Therefore, you can be fully assured that this won’t harm you in any way. Once you make the request to use the guarantee and be refunded, the full amount will be returned the same day.

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